Our Mission is;

To make Luxury Available and Affordable

To redefine the ‘African style’ with a touch of British fitness and Italian elegance

To build worlds and invite people to come live it with us and

To provide quality products with a classic yet stylish look for customers.

The MAFABA Brand is Proudly Made In Nigeria.

MAFABA is known for its high quality Luxury clothing with neat finishing thus making it a front line fashion brand with international quality. With the ‘MAFABA Dream’ dating as far back as 2002, MAFABA made its first production as a personal label in 2005 but due to popular demand, MAFABA became not just a clothing line but also a clothing manufacturer.

The MAFABA Brand is a clothing brand that makes its production run a bottom-up process, thus taking into consideration what the customer wants and then designing a product that suit that purpose. We are dedicated to serving our customers with not just tangible products but providing them with an infusion of experiences from the best of the 3 worlds which include The British Fitness, The Italian Elegance and The African Freedom.

Unlike Our Competitors, We Make Our Own Product
The MAFABA Alaso Studio is a fast growing sewing facility in Lagos. We believe that integrating our manufacturing, distribution and creative processes keeps our company more efficient than those who rely on offshore or onshore sub-contracting/ outsourcing. By leveraging art, design, and technology at our studio, we are able to pay garment workers fairly and sell garments profitably so we can sustain our business and grow. Everyone benefits – customers, workers, government and shareholders alike.

Investing In The Future
Manufacturing in Nigeria requires risk taking and long-term investment. We think it’s well worth it. For us, manufacturing in Nigeria is not a trend – we have been doing it since the day our company began in the corner of a school years ago. We are extremely proud of our model, which provides us not just the opportunity to be the shirt makers choice (Private Labels) but also enables us to keep our innovations, styles and designs in-house thus making imitation difficult and this enhance our affordable luxury dream.

Our Core Values acronym is RETAIL

Responsibility: We display a high level of care in all of our business dealings.

Excellence: Our goal is excellence, we strive to be the very best in the industry that we have chosen.

Trustworthy: We present our brand (including ourselves) with the highest level of trust at all times.

Accountability & Integrity: Integrity is the soul of leadership. We are accountable in all our business practices.

Love: Our customers are our top priority. Our products are designed from ground up, taking into consideration what the customer want and then designing a product that suit that purpose.