**NOTE: All Private Label customers are advised to apply for wholesale account.

Do you have your own designs? Are you looking for a Private Label Manufacturer?


Since we do all of our manufacturing in-house, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to custom orders, including the ability to use custom patterns, stitching, colors and fabrics. Your custom product can be based on one of our existing products or we can design something specially for you.


With each private label order, you will receive a sample before we start full production. We will not begin production until you are completely satisfied with and have approved your sample.


Turnaround Time

We measure our turnaround time in days and weeks, not months. You will typically receive your sample within 7-10 business days after placing your order and your complete order 2-4 weeks after approving your sample.


Minimum Order Size

When placing a cut and sew order, minimum will be based on the style and fabric being ordered. Each style/ fabric will have different minimums. The average minimum for a custom order will be 100 pieces per style.


Private Label Orders

We can see private labels into any of our products or any custom product you work with us to produce. We do request that labels do have a 3/8″ bleed so your logo does not get cut off in production.